Celosia Cristata

Celosia cristata (commonly called cockscomb amaranth) is an annual plant belonging to the genus Celosia of the family Amaranthaceae in the phylogenetic classification, sometimes considered a variety of Celosia argentea. This plant (like all celosias) is native mainly to tropical and temperate regions of America and Asia.

It is a plant with a single stem of about 20 cm bearing long, pointed leaves, light green sometimes tinged with red or purple, from which emerges a crested, fan-shaped, compact, pleated or wavy inflorescence. The colors range from yellow to intense purple violet with a whole range in between. Its flowering extends from June until frost, an inflorescence can last 8 weeks.

It is mainly cultivated as an ornamental plant for its spectacular flowering and is highly appreciated by horticulturists for its originality, since it has inflorescences in the form of a wavy crest, which has earned it the nickname cockscomb. The flowers can be cut and dried to make dry bouquets.

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