Hydrangea Macrophylla Teller Blue

The Teller Blue hydrangea (hydrangea macrophylla Teller Blue) is one of the most famous and popular woody shrubs in the Hydrangea family. This shrub of horticultural origin takes its name “Teller” from its many flat heads, unlike the majority of Hydrangea macrophylla with rounded heads. They will take pride of place in your gardens at a height of around 1.50 m when mature, for a width of around 1.80 m.

Its flowers will then be a bright blue color, conferred naturally by the acidity of the ammonium sulphate contained in its soil. Its verdant foliage contrasts with the depth of its sapphire bloom and quickly catches the eye. Preferring the coolness of late summer, the Teller Blue hydrangea will be at its zenith from August to October and even longer, if the winter is mild. If the winter is rather harsh, the flower buds will tend to be damaged if they are not planted sheltered from the cold winds.

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