Phyllostachys Pubescens

Phyllostachys edulis, Moso bamboo or winter bamboo, is a species of bamboo in the subfamily Bambusoideae, family Poaceae (or Grasses), native to China.

Of all bamboo species, moso bamboo is the most economically important in China.

It is the species likely to achieve the greatest development in France, particularly in the south of the country. Its size is 15-20 meters, or even more.

The tender stems of the young shoots were used from the sixth century to make traditional bamboo paper in China. Among traditional papers, these bamboo papers have become dominant in southern China, where the raw material is abundant. Since the 1930s, it has also been used by paper machines in the paper industry.

Moso bamboo shoots are edible. Its young shoots are grown for consumption.

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